Product Repair

Product Repair

We always see ourselves as partners of our customers from the most varied industrial sectors: not only before and during, but also after the sale and, therefore, the daily use of our products. Because, precisely then, it is crucial for you to be able to benefit from the use of our mobile devices on a day-to-day basis in a reliable way. To ensure this continues, ecom Support & Service is at your disposal worldwide to provide professional services and excellent customer care.

Service Guidelines [How-To]

- Important -

To handle the repair process as easy as possible, please refer to our Service How-To Guide first. This guide includes more information about general repair conditions, warranty claims, ecom Service Center contact information & much more.

Repair Report Sheet

It is ecom‘s goal to perform maintenance, repairs and overhaul to your best satisfaction and within a timely manner at minimal costs.

Therfore we kindly ask you for your assistance in completing this report form sheet as completely as possible. The more details you can insert into this questionnaire, the better and faster ecom is enabled to provide you satisfying service.

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For filling out the Documents you need at least version 8 of the Adobe reader, here you will get the download free of charge!

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