Lone Worker Protection

By opting for the Smart-Ex® 01, Ex-Handy 09 or the Ex-Handy 08 LWP you are not only acquiring a smartphone or mobile phone that is rugged, reliable and intrinsically safe, but one that also caters for the safety of your employees around the world.

Our intrinsically safe smartphones and mobile phones with LWP functionality (Basic Mode and Customer-specific System Mode) have been specifically designed for the safety of people working alone. The requirements of our customers from various industrial sectors to use modern communication technology with personal emergency response devices were the motivation behind our development. These phones are able to help locate anyone who has suffered an accident and immediately initiate the necessary measures.

We are LWP ready for Mobile Worker 4.0

  • Easy to integrate in many partner server systems
  • Location based services are available
  • Interactions with different Applications at the same time run smoothly
  • OTA upgrades running well - not only for LWP
  • Data interaction between control center and end-user is possible

LWP Client Differences

Ex-Handy 08 LWP & Ex-HSPA 08 LWP

  • The LWP Client is integrated inside the operating system
  • A single processor handles all services at once
  • In case of a processor malfunction, the complete system may experience delays
ZoomLWP Client Architecture Ex-Handy 08

Smart-Ex® 01/201 & Ex-Handy 09/209

  • The LWP Application is running beside the operating system
  • The use of Android Apps reduces costs
  • Quad core processor divides all services
  • In case of a processor malfunction, 3 backup processors ensure that all services are available instantly
ZoomLWP Client Architecture Smart-Ex® 01 & Ex-Handy 09

LWP Features

  • Lone worker protection and mobile phone in one
  • Programmable 3D motion sensor for: Inclination alarm, impact alarm, escape alarm, lack of movement
  • Programmable dead man's switch
  • Alarm button for deliberately triggered alarms
  • Technical alarms: E2E check, battery status, connection to GSM or 3G/4G network
  • Connection to renowned security centres also possible
  • Alert for incoming messages with subsequent read receipt sent to the alarm control unit
  • Visualisation of the alarm modes in the display
  • Loud audible alarm
  • Programmable geo zones
  • Communication via latest technology like 4G/LTE while SMS/GPRS is still available as a backup


Safely saving costs

The personal emergency response device comes with all of the necessary alarms and locating functions, thereby helping you to protect your employees.

At the same time it also satisfies commercial demands: the device will allow numerous tasks to be carried out by individual workers in the future, as the assistants previously required to help ensure safety are no longer required.

This means that the deployment of a personal emergency response system will help users realise considerable cost savings and enable them to recoup their investment within just a few months.

Alarm Functions

  • Mandown
  • No movement
  • Fall detection
  • Impact Detection
  • Dead man switch
  • Separate SOS button
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