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Cell phones for hazardous areas

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  1. Zone 1/21
    Division 1
    Intrinsically safe smartphone: The new Smart-Ex® 01

    Smart-Ex® 01

    The latest high end product in the range of mobile communication: an ultra-rugged, LTE / WiFi / Android smartphone, the Smart-Ex® 01.

  2. Zone 1/21
    Division 1
    Intrinsically safe feature phone: The new Ex-Handy 09

    Ex-Handy 09

    Intrinsically Safe Featurephone Ex-Handy 09 set new paradigms in mobile worker collaboration, safety and security.

  3. Zone 1/21
    Division 1
    Ex-Handy 08 - Intrinsically safe cell phone

    Ex-Handy 08

    The Ex-Handy 08 is the most reliable ATEX phone around, it's built to excel in extreme environments and to communicate with co-workers in hazardous areas!

  4. Zone 1/21
    Division 1
    Intrinsically safe cell phone w/ lone worker protection

    Ex-Handy 08 LWP

    It is vital for lone workers to keep safe at all times! For this, we have the Ex-Handy 08 with Lone Worker Protection!

  5. Zone 2/22
    Division 2
    Ex-HSPA 08

    Ex-HSPA 08

    If you're in need of a Zone 2 ATEX cell phone then the Ex-HSPA 08 is ideal! It comes with all the exceptional features of the Ex-Handy 08.

  6. Zone 2/22
    Division 2
    Ex-HSPA 08 LWP - Cell phone with lone worker protection

    Ex-HSPA 08 LWP

    If you need a Zone 2 ATEX phone with Lone Worker Protection, check out our Ex-HSPA 08! It comes with all the features of the successful Ex-Handy 08.

Our cell phones for hazardous areas ensure the safety of your workers in all situations. We offer intrinsically safe cell phones for Zone 1 / Class I (ATEX, IECEx) and explosion proof cell phones for Zone 2 / Class II (NEC). Our cell phones are also available with lone worker protection (LWP).

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