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  1. 3C eLED® CPO

    3C eLED® CPO

    Lightweight with superior ergonomics, but still long-lasting and excellent in performance!

  2. 3AA eLED® CPO TS

    3AA eLED® CPO TS

    The 3AA eLED® CPO TS torch is designed for use in Zone 1 hazardous areas. An extremely light weight torch with the Thermal Recovery Technology.

  3. Lite-Ex® PL 10

    Lite-Ex® PL 10

    With the Lite-Ex® PL 10 you have 55 hours worth of lighting in the palm of your hand!

  4. Lite-Ex® PL 30

    Lite-Ex® PL 30

    The Lite-Ex® PL 30 gives unrivalled high performance. The flashlight was awarded with the iF Product Design Award when it was launched in 2007!

  5. 2AAA Penlight eLED®

    2AAA Penlight eLED®

    The 2AAA Penlight eLED® is an explosion proof penlight that is specifically designed for use in smaller darkened areas.

  6. Ex-Penlight


    The Ex-Penlight with its handy ballpoint pen shape is ideal for close range lighting in the Ex-hazardous area.

ecom instruments is a manufacturer of intrinsically safe devices, specialised in mobile computing, mobile communication, measuring & calibration and portable lighting.

Your safety as a measure of our actions - this principle has been the basis for 20 years of success in the Ex-area.

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