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  1. Fluke 28 II EX

    Fluke 28 II EX

    FLUKE 28 II EX: the most rugged intrinsically safe multimeter in the world.

  2. Fluke 568 EX

    Fluke 568 EX

    The intrinsically safe infrared thermometer Fluke 568 EX allows hazardous area workers to measure temperatures throughout zone 1 areas and even into zone 0 areas.

  3. Ex-MP4 a

    Ex-MP4 a

    A non-contact intrinsically safe temperature meter. Obtain your temperature data even from long range.

  4. Ex-Pt 720

    Ex-Pt 720

    With the intrinsically safe sensor-temperature measuring unit Ex-Pt 720 you obtain precise data with a variety of standard probes.

  5. CP 440

    CP 440

    The worlds most unmatched pressure gauge.

  6. A2109/LSR


    The A2109/LSR is ideal for fast laser-accurate measurement of the revolution of a shaft (either with or without contact) and speed (utilising the special adapter) in Zone 1.

ecom instruments is a manufacturer of intrinsically safe devices, specialised in mobile computing, mobile communication, measuring & calibration and portable lighting.

Your safety as a measure of our actions - this principle has been the basis for 20 years of success in the Ex-area.

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