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  1. Ex-Handy 08

    Ex-Handy 08

    The Ex-Handy 08 is the most reliable ATEX phone around, it's built to excel in extreme environments and to communicate with co-workers in hazardous areas!

  2. Ex-Handy 08 LWP

    Ex-Handy 08 LWP

    It is vital for lone workers to keep safe at all times! For this, we have the Ex-Handy 08 with Lone Worker Protection!

  3. Ex-HSPA 08

    Ex-HSPA 08

    If you're in need of a Zone 2 ATEX cell phone then the Ex-HSPA 08 is ideal! It comes with all the exceptional features of the Ex-Handy 08.

  4. Ex-HSPA 08 LWP

    Ex-HSPA 08 LWP

    If you need a Zone 2 ATEX phone with Lone Worker Protection, check out our Ex-HSPA 08! It comes with all the features of the successful Ex-Handy 08.



    The TETRAPOL TPH700 Ex enables users to work in complete safety in places where flammable substances are produced, processed, transported and stored.

  6. TETRA THR9 Ex


    The ATEX and IEC approved radio has been specially designed for use in the chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as at airports and on oil rigs.

ecom instruments is a manufacturer of intrinsically safe devices, specialised in mobile computing, mobile communication, measuring & calibration and portable lighting.

Your safety as a measure of our actions - this principle has been the basis for 20 years of success in the Ex-area.

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