Ex-RSM Aurelis BT

With the latest remote speaker microphone, the Ex-RSM Aurelis BT, ecom instruments present another significant stride forward in hazardous area wireless communication.

Ecom instruments, the global market leader and a full-service provider in the field of portable explosion-protected equipment, bring the use of a wireless Bluetooth speaker microphone to hazardous areas, including ATEX Zone 1, Class I, Division 1, Zone 2, Class II, Division 1 areas. With the world‘s first intrinsically safe remote speaker microphone, the Ex-RSM Aurelis BT, we have provided users with a device fully capable of connecting with a range of Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones to offer a range of new possible applications.

During activities where workers and technicians need both hands free and have to communicate at the same time, the speaker-microphone combination is the ideal solution. In contrast to a handset or headset, this hands-free device does not restrict the field of view or movement of the worker. Due to the high quality speaker and microphone, the Aurelis BT ensures accurate communication even in very noisy environments. Additionally, the device is also compatible with various headsets - with and without hearing protection.

The Aurelis BT only weighs 180 grams and - like all ecom products - is extremely robust and designed for endurance in rugged operating environments. It can be attached to a worker by a 360-degree clip, which holds the device in the correct position at all times. The unit can be set to full or half duplex, allowing listening into on-going communication while the mobile phone or wireless device remains on the belt or up to 10m away. Thanks to the Aurelis, activities such as measurements and other tests may be performed while maintaining permanent contact with the control room enabling the technician to receive direct instructions or feedback on their work.

Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled mobile devices and with various microphone and headset variants, the Aurelis BT opens up completely new ways of communication and can be used as a replacement for IP phones. In connection with a mobile phone, the speaker-microphone can be used hands-free in vehicles. The Aurelis BT makes PDAs, tablets, notebooks and other devices capable of voice communication, allowing employees who are not typically equipped with an intrinsically safe telephone to use the speaker for communication.

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ecom instruments presents a global first for Zone 1: First Intrinsically Safe PDA with WWAN

The PDA i.roc® Ci70-Ex offers new opportunities for permanent online connection via WWAN in large, potentially explosive areas

Assamstadt, February 25th - World first: ecom PDA i.roc® Ci70-WWAN offers new ways to stay connected in remote hazardous areas to improve safety, workforce productivity, realtime visibility and item-level tracking.

The recent introduction of WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network) capability for ecom’s i.roc® Ci70 –Ex handheld computer (PDA) allows operators, inspectors and logistics controllers working in remote Zone 1 / Class I, Div. 1 hazardous areas to stay connected to corporate teams using existing mobile phone networks.

Solving the Remote Challenge

Pipelines, onshore Oil & Gas wellheads, large chemical plants & refineries, open-cast mines, remote explosives stores, and large yards holding hazardous material have traditionally been a headache for businesses looking to introduce more efficient and accurate ways of working using mobile computers – often due to the risk, cost and effort required to implement a wireless WiFi network.

Inspection and logistics contractors also face the challenge that their backend systems are often not connected to their customer’s network and, when a wireless WiFi network does exist, the contractor PDA can be denied access to this network for security reasons.

As a result, paper-based recording has remained, or has been replaced by PDAs operating offline from the network – both of which have the disadvantage that the latest information held on corporate systems cannot be viewed on demand to assist with solving the problem discovered by the user on arrival at the site.

But not anymore – the cure for this headache is here. Advanced WWAN technology is now available on ecom’s i.roc® Ci70 PDA, enabling the use of commonly available mobile phone networks to provide realtime connectivity to centralised and cloud based networks. This improves access to the latest information while the user is standing in front of the valve to be inspected or at the hazardous material to be shipped.

Realtime feedback is also provided from the site back to the corporate systems, enabling realtime visibility of the latest information by expert teams located elsewhere, bringing better collaboration opportunities and faster decisions to solve the problems discovered.

Similarly, the WWAN capability enables the location and safety of lone workers to be monitored by the inspection contractor more easily across multiple hazardous sites and multiple clients without the need for another device.

When combined with the integrated GPS capability of the i.roc® Ci70 –Ex, inspection and repair locations of a pipeline can be “geo-tagged” to reduce the time to locate the area next time. And, any abnormalities can be reported automatically to the pipeline management team, giving the opportunity to solve the problem when the technician is there.

Accurately identifying, locating and tracking containers, equipment and material also becomes easier – the combined capabilities of WWAN, GPS and RFID (and barcode) now offered by the i.roc® Ci70 –Ex provides a powerful set of tools to track items (and their contents, in the case of containers) as they move around the world and on/off sites, reducing the time wasted searching for lost items and improving customer service.

The Ci70-WWAN has been certified for use in potentially explosive Zone 1 / Class I, Div.1 environments (including explosive dust environments) in Europe and North America, and other countries recognising ATEX, IECex and NEC certification.

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Würth Future Champion Award 2014

Highly Explosive Winner: ecom instruments GmbH from Assamstadt, manufacturer of mobile industrial equipment for use in hazardous areas wins Würth Future Champion Award.

Künzelsau / Schwäbisch Hall 30/01/2014 - The Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG awarded the € 10,000 prize for the Würth Future Champion Award at the Summit of World Leaders event. This award, provided by the assembly and fastening material specialist, is given to a rapid and sustainably growing medium-sized international German company which has risen to the top in recent years. ecom instruments GmbH, Assamstadt (Baden-Württemberg) was selected by a panel to receive this prestigious award. Ecom instruments are a certified manufacturer of mobile industrial equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres such as in the chemical and petrochemical industry, pharmacy, in the oil and natural gas production or mining.

Robert Friedmann, Chairmen of the Board of the Würth Group, presented the award to Rolf Nied (Managing Director), Sandro Nied (Member of the Executive Board, Head of Product Management) and Christian Uhl (Director Marketing).

ImageProf. Dr. Bernd Venohr, strategy expert, Dr. Nils Schmid, Minister of Economic Affairs Baden-Württemberg, Roland Tichy, Editor in Chief of Wirtschafts Woche, Christian Uhl, Marketing Director ecom instruments GmbH, Sandro Nied, Member of the Management ecom instruments GmbH, Rolf Nied, Managing ecom instruments GmbH, Robert Friedmann, Chairman of the Board of the Würth group, Dr. Walter Döring, former Minister of Economic Affairs Baden-Württemberg, (from left to right). Foto: Thorsten Schmidtkord/Würth

The Würth Future Champion Award
The Würth Future Champion Award was given at the Summit of the World Market Leaders in Schwäbisch Hall, where CEOs and representatives of top companies with economic experts, as well as representatives from science and politics, come together to discuss the challenges world leaders must confront. The prize is awarded by the Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG and is endowed with € 10,000. It is aimed at young and dynamic industrial enterprises, that work with high level engineering in their respective market segments, thereby following in the footsteps of the established German world market leader. The definition of the prize winner is carried out by a panel, which is composed as follows: Prof. Dr. Bernd Venohr (management expert and Chairman of the panel), Robert Friedmann (Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Würth Group), Dr. Walter Döring (former Minister of Economic Affairs Baden-Württemberg), Roland Tichy (Chief editor of WirtschaftsWoche).

The new Desktop Charger DCH

Working safely in ATEX Zone 1 and Class I, Div. 1 with Ex-Handy 08

Ecom instruments, global market leader and full-service provider in the field of portable explosion-protected equipment, presents the new „Desktop Charger DCH“ and ensures the continuous use of the new UMTS phones Ex-Handy 08 with this seperate charging-device.

The all-purpose charger is designed to reload (outside of hazardous areas) all ecom mobile phones of the last and the latest generation (Ex-Handy 07 and Ex-Handy 08 and their counterparts Zone 2) and their compatible batteries. Furthermore, all non-Ex versions of these devices and batteries can be charged.

The charger comes with its own power supply unit and reloads mobile phones and spare batteries in parallel within less than four hours to 100 percent. With the charger in conjunction with the Ex-Handy 08, optimized for low power consumption, ecom instruments enables the continuous 24/7 use of the mobile phone. Working two shifts, with an average call duration is no problem without changing the battery. The need for a replacement unit for shift-work is completely eliminated with the replacement of the battery.


To save space, the 116 x 84 x 58 mm small and lightweight (132g) charging station can be screwed through holes on the bottom to a table or shelf boards. In addition to the mobile phone, a Torx screwdriver for securing the Zone 1/21, Class I, Div. 1 batteries and a slotted screwdriver for zone 2/22 for fixing the battery cover on the phone, are ready to hand (both included with the device). The charger itself has a screw-less locking mechanism for the batteries.

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Ex-Handy 08 and ComCom Ex

Enhanced Communication in Hazardous Areas with the Ex-Handy 08 Mobile Phone and ComCom Headset:

Intrinsically safe Headset for better Mobility

Additionally to the new Ex-Handy 08 and the Ex-Handy 07, ecom instruments offers an intrinsically safe headset, which comes with a number of advantages compared to standard Bluetooth™ models.

Including the 1.20 m cable, the entire unit weighs only 18 grams and has no need for batteries. It is therefore more than 400 grams lighter than standard Bluetooth™ headsets. Anybody working long hours with this headset will appreciate the increased comfort. Offering a great range of movement, the long cable is plugged in the socket of the intrinsically safe mobile phone, which is worn on a belt. Hands are now free for working: If the "auto answer" is activated, incoming calls automatically go to the headset, avoiding the hassle of taking out the mobile phone or pushing buttons on the headset.

Press Release Ex-Handy 08 / ComCom (EN)

Press Release Ex-Handy 08 / ComCom (DE)

Press Release Ex-Handy 08 / ComCom (FR)

Press Release Ex-Handy 08 / ComCom (IT)

Press Release Ex-Handy 08 / ComCom (ES)

Press Release Ex-Handy 08 / ComCom (PT)

Ex-Handy 08

The eighth generation in ATEX mobile phones has been launched worldwide by ecom instruments.

The Ex-Handy 08 is certified for zone 1 hazardous areas and is ecom's first 3G-enabled mobile phone. It is a high performance device that is guaranteed to meet all your needs while carrying out vital activities in harsh environments. This intrinsically safe phone is rugged and reliable, providing the user with safe communication at all times.

As with the Ex-Handy 07, this mobile phone combines 5 devices in one with an integrated LED flash/torch, walkie-talkie (PTT) and a camera/video option. This mobile phone also has a lone worker option which protects your workers when they are operating in extreme conditions. The Ex-Handy 08 comes complete with a 3-year ‘No-Questions-Asked’ warranty which guarantees unconditional repair (excluding the battery) with a five-day turnaround at no extra cost to the user.

Call ecom today to find out how to increase your efficiency and help your workers communicate more effectively when in hazardous areas.

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i.roc® Ci70 -Ex

i.roc® Ci70 -Ex

Ex-safe mobile computer

The i.roc® Ci70 -Ex mobile computer has been designed to be ex-safe in Zone 1 and 21 and Class I, Division 1 ex-areas. It uses the Windows® Mobile 6.5 operating system and is the only device on the market to support all WLAN standards (IEEE 802.11 a, b, g and n).

A 3G module is also optionally available for the device to enable data to be transmitted via the GSM, UMTS/HSDPA and CDMA networks. The integrated GPS feature also permits the device‘s precise location to be pinpointed. The PDA also comes with a 2.1+EDR Bluetooth® interface.

A specially designed module-head system also permits a variety of RFID and bar-code readers and a HART® modem to be incorporated.

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Ex-Handy 07

The appropriate mobile phone for safe use in hazardous areas

Ex-Handy 07 in dirt

The Ex-Handy 07 mobile phone by ecom instruments for use in hazardous areas allows users to safely make phone calls and send SMS and MMS messages in Ex-Zones 1 and 21 and Class I, Division 1. It offers a whole series of practical functions, e.g. extended temperature range, A-GPS, optional camera with LED flash / light, email client (POP3/SMTP, IMAP4) and Bluetooth® 2.1, including automatic phone book synchronisation. The phone also comes with integrated office functions, which include contact-data and calendar synchronisation with MS Outlook®.

Users may flexibly configure the mobile phone to suit their needs: with or without camera, lone-worker protection, with battery capacities for 4.5 h or 7 h talk time (in the power-hungry D-Network) or 250 or 400 h in standby and in different colours. The IP68 rating and permissible ambient temperatures ranging from -20 °C to +55 °C mean that demanding industrial environments won‘t cause any problems for the mobile phone, which also comes with a three-year no-questions-asked warranty.

There is nothing that stands in the way of worldwide use as the mobile phones possess ATEX, IECEx, NEC, GOST-R and PCEC certification and are labelled accordingly depending on the country in which they are to be used.

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From a three-man enterprise to a global market leader in 25 years

Ex-protection for laptops, radio and measuring equipment

Although it requires many special conditions for gas and dust explosions to develop, they occur much more frequently than you may think. These are sometimes unspectacular in nature and occur in a limited area. However, they are extremely dangerous for anyone situated in the immediate vicinity of the explosion and often result in serious injuries or significant property damage. Electrical equipment which fulfills special safety requirements is therefore required for use in explosive areas in order to ensure the necessary degree of safety. For over a quarter-century, ecom instruments GmbH from Assamstadt, Germany has offered equipment for precisely this field. The company was celebrating its 25th Anniversary in July 2011.

ecom main productsAnyone who must work safely and effectively in explosive areas requires a variety of mobile industrial devices. Working without laptops, PDAs, mobile phones, radios, measuring equipment and flashlights is inconceivable in this day and age. Through the development of intrinsically safe equipment for use in Ex-classified areas, ecom instruments has dramatically shaped this sector over the past 25 years. The company offers a wide range of solutions in its four principal product groups of Mobile Computing, Communication, Measurement & Calibration and Portable Lighting. These are used around the world for various industrial applications in the chemical and petrochemical industry, the oil and natural gas industries as well as in the pharmaceutical, mining, energy and environmental sectors (Fig. 1). In addition, systems for the protection of lone workers have also become an important focal point for the company. Customized solutions have been developed from the very outset for such purposes. Today the company is a global market leader in the field of portable explosion-protected equipment.

How it all began

Rolf Nied - Managing Director of ecom instruments GmbHEverything began on a smaller scale. Managing Director Rolf Nied (Fig. 2) founded "Ecom Rolf Nied GmbH" in July 1986. The company's focus was on products and services for the electrical engineering and explosion protection sectors from the very beginning.

ecom Ex-mAG 20 - the very first productThe first intrinsically safe calibrator, the EX-mAG 20, was introduced to the market in 1990 (Fig. 3). The intrinsically safe measuring equipment division was introduced just a year later. Two years later saw the introduction of intrinsically safe maintenance equipment. In 1993, the company experienced a breakthrough at the Hannover trade fair. In 1995 these experts in intrinsic safety obtained quality certification to DIN-ISO 9001 and other approvals followed, such as ATEX certification and FM approval for the US market. IEC certification for the quality management system was acquired in 2007. In 25 years a three-man enterprise has become an international provider of world-class safety solutions for the Ex-classified area. Currently 250 employees work for ecom worldwide. Production is handled by the company's headquarters in Assamstadt as well as in nearby Bobstadt, Germany (since 2008). There are also service centers in Germany, Singapore and the USA. Twelve subsidiaries and more than 40 commercial representatives ensure that customers around the world have access to the required mobile intrinsically safe equipment as quickly as possible.

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